Possible Changes Coming

I am currently considering changing this blog once more, this time from a purely tourism based blog that I never seem to get round to updating as often as I’d like, and converting it to a Yorkshire “News & Tourism” blog to create more options for content.

You may have noticed there probably won’t be much tourism going on round these parts while everyone is freaking out over the virus.

I’ve also noticed the Paper.li website I’ve been using to create automatic newsletters from my twitter lists have scaled back what you can do with it before they make you release the moths from your wallet to the point it’s practically useless now.

Watch this space to see if/when I get round to this.

Whitby Regatta 2019 in Progress: Saturday

Saturday marked the start of the 2019 Whitby Regatta, which continues until the night time firework display at 9:45pm on Monday 12th August 2019.

The weather was rather mixed, and I struggled to find anywhere that had a Regatta programme (still no success at time of this post).

When I set off, the weather was warm and fairly sunny. By the time I reached the scene of the Regatta, it was windy and pissing down.

I made my way to Tate Hill Pier on the off-chance I’d catch the Raft Race, and guessed it about right.

The Wind was enough to help dry out my coat which had soaked through in the process of walking from Langbourne Road to Tate Hill Pier.

The wind also made it seriously awkward to hold the camera steady while zoomed in on the 2 rafts taking part.

After they’d given up, I made my way over to the West Cliff to see what was going on there.

The RAF Typhoon display had been scrubbed due to it being too windy for it to take off (went ahead Sunday when I couldn’t make it down), but the Bi-Plane aerobatics display was still able to make it.

Below are some brief hi-lights of the footage captured, with “YouTube Cards” linking to the extended versions of the footage inserted in it.

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Hoping To Resume Blogging Again in the Near Future

Having started this blog section of the site back in May 2018, things haven’t quite progressed as well as I originally anticipated.

This is mostly down to the fact my Dad had a mild stroke at the beginning of August at pretty much the same time as the 15th Anniversary of my Mum dying of a brain tumour.

The result of this is I’ve had my hands full of other things, and haven’t had the time, money or energy to go on the loose with my camera gear in the quest for content.

However I’m kind of working in the background tacking extra bits & bobs onto the blog to beef it up a bit for the future as best I can with my pocket fluff budget.

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Whitby Captain Cook 250 Event Photo Gallery – 6th July 2018

I only caught wind the event was happening through my Twitter feed the day before….

I had a prior appointment in town that morning anyway that was timed to give me about 20minutes or less to get into position. I arrived at the top of the 199 Steps with seconds to spare, and after having being awake for about 22hours and being completely out of breath from climbing the steps, a pounded heartrate, feeling like I was going to puke and feeling the warm weather, these still images were the best I could come up with.
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Our YouTube Channel is Born

On the 10th of June I decided to create a YouTube channel for this website, to better seperate content from my personal channel I’ve run for years from whatever I come up with to display on the site in future.

I’ve already had a crack at creating a channel trailer for it, and here it is at the top of this post.


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The Blog is Born

In order to try make the website work better, I’ve decided to tack this wordpress blog onto it to make it easier to post, create & share stuff.

Keep checking back to see how it’s progressing.

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