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Possible Changes Coming

I am currently considering changing this blog once more, this time from a purely tourism based blog that I never seem to get round to updating as often as I’d like, and converting it to a Yorkshire “News & Tourism”

Hoping To Resume Blogging Again in the Near Future

Having started this blog section of the site back in May 2018, things haven’t quite progressed as well as I originally anticipated. This is mostly down to the fact my Dad had a mild stroke at the beginning of August

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Our YouTube Channel is Born

On the 10th of June I decided to create a YouTube channel for this website, to better seperate content from my personal channel I’ve run for years from whatever I come up with to display on the site in future.

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The Blog is Born

In order to try make the website work better, I’ve decided to tack this wordpress blog onto it to make it easier to post, create & share stuff. Keep checking back to see how it’s progressing.

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